About Us

Out-of-Time Productions started in 2001 with the creativity and ambition to be different and to tell a story like no one has ever before. With 10 years experience under their belt, Out-of-Time Productions has filmed various events throughout the country including various fandom conventions, reunion parties, and weddings, both big and small. Founder Ernie Layug is an experienced filmmaker with a creative sense of story and the passion to be different. The drive and passion is reflected in each of his films.about_photos

Out-of-Time Productions is committed to tell the story of one day that is always going to be remembered for the rest of their lives. We work with the client to make sure that their story is told through their eyes and nobody else’s. We work with the client to make sure that every toast, every dance, and most importantly every kiss is captured for a lifetime.

Out-of-Time Productions – Making Films Beyond Our Time.

– Making Films Beyond Our Time –